About Us

                             OUR MISSION

My 2nd Chance, LLC is committed to putting America to work and providing a work/life balance as Independent Contractors.   

Meet Diana Clark Founder of My 2nd Chance, LLC.  Diana Clark has 18 years of experience in customer service as a PMP professional at a large Telecommunication company . Diana was a product of corporate America’s “reduction in force” and soon found out how difficult it was to gain employment in Corporate America.  After searching for many months, she starting looking into other opportunities. That is when My 2nd Chance, LLC was started. 

Diana wants to help those that have been a product of the “reduction in force” or people who want to earn extra income, willing and able to work and have some customer service experience.  My 2nd Chance, LLC is looking for you to join our growing team of customer service professionals.  

This is your chance, act now!